Association of Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing, Sound Insulation and Fireproofing Material Producers, Suppliers and Applicators
a) General Assembly
b) Board of Directors
c) Committee of Controllers
d) Discipline Committee
e) Consultative Committee
f) Honour Committee
g) Commissions and Working Groups
- To create and generalize insulation awareness in Turkey
- To provide healthy, safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient buildings with effective insulation (thermal insulation, water proofing, sound insulation and fire protection) applications for both buildings and mechanical installations.
- Contribute to the prevention of pollution
- Raise the awareness of the public and the sector in terms of insulation with comprehensive activities
- Gather the organizations that are acting as producer, seller, importer, and implementer in the insulation sector in Turkey, anasayfa.asp complying with the above aims.
- Be a representative of the insulation sector for public institutes and organizations,
- Save energy and foreign exchange in the whole country in terms of thermal insulation of buildings and mechanical installations,
- Find better solutions for people to life and work in more comfortable and healthier areas by making sure water proofing applications are carried out according to the technical rules,
- Get the attention of the authorities and the society in terms of sound insulation, show how the necessary measures can be taken, and thus contribute to the protection of human health,
- Raise the awareness of the sector and the public in terms of fire protection, and provide the necessary sensibility,
- Prevent pollution by assisting the development of insulation awareness,
- Inform its members about technological developments, and raise their awareness,
- Become a source of information on insulation through seminars, publications, communication campaigns, and other activities,
- Make any efforts and contributions necessary for insulation in our country to be raised to the level of modern countries by getting into contact with policy makers in any subject related to insulation, such as making the necessary legal arrangements,
- Cooperate with groups from other sectors (universities, foundations and associations, contractors, public institutions etc.) in order to attain the aims in common subjects,
- Cooperate with scientists and academics in order to raise the awareness of the public on insulation
Scope: Thermal Insulation, Water proofing, Sound Insulation and Fire Protection Activities:

- IZODER has been working on technical, educational, and awareness-raising efforts in terms insulation.
- IZODER is playing an active role by working together with the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) and the related ministries in forming important standards related to insulation.
- In addition to providing cost free educational seminars, IZODER Insulation Education and Consultation Center (IZODER Yalıtım Egitim ve Danısma Merkezi - Iyedam), which was established in the year 2005, provides special training programs for private companies and organizations with request.
- IZODER brings together the professionals and academics in the sector by organizing congresses.
- The "Insulation Technologies Department" and a laboratory was opened for the first time in Turkey with the support of IZODER, in 2003 in the Hereke Ömer Ismet Uzunyol Vocational School at the Technical University of Kocaeli, to provide qualified intermediate employees for the sector. The department still offers courses.
- Cooperation has been done with energy providers such as Igdas and EGO in order to generalize the use of efficient energy, and to raise the awareness of the public.
- IZODER organizes the ISK-Sodex Fair together with ISKAV, DOSIDER, ISKID, and TTMD. It participates in the Construction Fairs held by the Construction Industry Center
- IZODER is running a public awareness campaign called 'Insulation is an Investment', which aims in raising the level of perception and knowledge related to insulation, and in developing the common level of knowledge.
- To provide faster and economic testing and certification services for insulation industry, IZODER established a notified test and certification body.
- IZODER has been publishing the Insulation World Magazine (Izolasyon Dünyası Dergisi) for 11 years in order to provide the communication in and to contribute to the development of the sector.
- IZODER disseminate reliable information on insulation through its official web site under the address www.izoder.org.tr , and on the free hot line 0800 211 33 67, with the help of IZODER's professionals.
- The electronic mail group YALITIMTURKIYE@yahoogroups.com, which was created by IZODER and which aimed to bring together the professionals of the Insulation Sector in Turkey, forms a platform where all of its members ("Insulation Turkey - Yalıtım Türkiye") can discuss their views on any subject related to thermal insulation, water proofing, sound insulation, fire protection for buildings and mechanical installations.
- IZODER has 125 members, where 43 are producers, 82 Vendor-Implementer-Importe
PHONE : 00 90 216 415 74 94 (pbx)
FAX : 00 90 216 415 70 01
E-MAIL : info@izoder.org.tr
WEB : www.izoder.org.tr
ADDRESS : : Şerifali Mah. Hendem Cad. No:58 Yukarı Dudullu 34775 Ümraniye / İstanbul - Türkiye
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Şerifali Mah. Hendem Cad. No:58 Yukarı Dudullu 34775 Ümraniye / İstanbul
Telefon : 0216 415 74 94 (pbx) Faks : 0216 415 70 01 E-mail : info@izoder.org.tr